Uninstall MacBooster 4

How To Uninstall MacBooster 4?

Uninstall MacBooster 4 from Mac OS either by automatic process or manual process. The two methods are discussed below :

Automatic Uninstallation Of MacBooster 4

  • Open MacBooster 4 then click “Help”.
  • Click Uninstall MacBooster 4.

  • A dialog box will appear asking you for confirmation. Click Yes button to uninstall.

Manual Uninstallation Of MacBooster 4

Step 1 : At first, terminate the process of MacBooster 4 via Activity Monitor.

  • Click on Go menu and select Utilities option from the list.

  • Double click the “Activity Monitor” icon to launch it.

  • Among the several running processes, find out the active process of MacBooster 4.
  • Click “X” button to end those processes.

  • You can also open “Activity Monitor” by pressing “Command + Option + Esc” keys then select the process and click “Force Quit” to close it.

  • Again, click on “Force Quit” button to confirm the operation.

Step 2 : Move MacBooster 4 Icon To Trash

  • Click on Go menu and select Application option.

  • Locate MacBooster 4 icon, right click on its icon and click “Move To Trash”. Else, you can drag to Trash also.
  • Empty the Trash by click on “Empty Trash” button in the dialog box which appears.

Step 3 : Find and Clean Leftovers Of MacBooster 4 To Uninstall Completely

  • Click on Go menu and choose Go To Folder.

  • In a dialog box, type “~Library” to get library interface.

  • Now, open Preferences folder and search MacBooster 4 related files.

  • Remove the junks you find in the folder.
  • Move back to “Library” tab. Get into the “Caches” folder to search for MacBooster caches.
  • Clean the caches.

  • Again, move back to “Library” tab. Goto Application Support folder to search for supported files.

  • Delete those supported files.

Step 4 : Empty Trash To Remove All Leftovers Permanently

  • Right click Trash icon and select “Secure Empty Trash” to totally delete the files.

  • Confirm the operation.

  • At last, restart your Mac OS X to apply the changes.