Steps to Delete Files Permanently Using Macbooster

If you are getting your Mac system performing slow then formation of too many junk files and presence of unwanted application is the main reason. We all want our computer system to run fast and do all possible measures step to complete the operation. Searching every junk files, unwanted application, duplicate file is really boring and lengthy process but now it’s easy process as Macbooster is there which is an complete solution to delete undesirable files permanently.

Macbooster is an amazing application that is compatible with all latest macOS version and incorporated with more amazing tools. Some very impressive tools are large files cleaner, uninstaller, file eraser, duplicates finder and photo sweeper. All these features help to clean mac and boost Mac performance as well as optimize system. The all aforesaid features are described below:-

File Eraser:- Sometime it happens important files including your personal or financial information gets hijacked even after you delete them from your mac. So, File Eraser is complete way and more secure way to toss up your files, and it makes all possibilities that your deleted files completely unrecoverable.

Uninstaller:- Presence of too many unwanted application on your macOS too slows down system performance as they occupies maximum spaces. Removing them going manual is tricky and too risky. So, try Uninstaller feature of Macbooster that accurately find each and every application folder on your Mac system as well as the hidden parts of them. Getting them all Uninstaller uninstall them with no leftovers.

Photo Sweeper:- Photo Sweeper is an important features of Macbooster. It is easy-to-use duplicate photo cleaner that throughly scan your macOS and deletes similar and duplicate photos present on your Mac as well as remove duplicate photos on your external device. It works with Aperture and iPhoto (version 9+).

Duplicate Finder:- Duplicate Finder is newly added features that Macbooster that proves very effective in removing duplicate files created on your Mac. This is very common in the OS X and too they take lots of hard drive spaces. Macbooster sniffs out list of matching and similar duplicates for you as well as offers an option to remove them so that hard drive space can be further maximized and utilized for good purpose.

Large Files Cleaner:- Files like movies and .dmg files consume lot of space on hard drive and thus slows down performance of your Mac. Some very unnecessary files are too created having size more than they need and take lots of space. Finding them one by one and deleting then after is time taking. So, why to waste time when Macbooster is there which features large files cleaner that remove all kind of rough files in simple way.

It only takes three steps ie drag, scan, and delete to remove a large file. You just need to drag the folders you need to diagnosed and then click on scan. In order to remove file with more accuracy and precision the tool offers different sorting option based on different size and frequency of use. Lastly after selecting them all, click on delete and large files cleaner does its work effectively.

So, why to wait make use of Macbooster as it’s the complete and easy solution to delete files permanently from Mac system. By cleaning spaces on Mac Macbooster boost mac system and you notice your Mac run like new.