MacBooster 4 Reviews – Easy Way To Optimize macOS With MacBooster 4

Are you a Mac user and and want to enhance its performance and functions? But, being a novice user to Mac world you are little afraid of diving into technical things then MacBooster 4 is best solution you will find when it comes to its easy and all-in-one nature. This application is surely going to benefit you.


Know About MacBooster 4

MacBooster 4 is a powerful software developed by IObit corporation for Apple Mac users to easily maintain Mac OS X system (now called as Mac OS sierra). This software is all-in-one suite along with a collection of smaller tools which aims to clean up junks, boost up Mac OS performance,  remove malware and harmful threats, free disk space and protect Mac system. MacBooster 4  has the power to clean up and provide protection to your Mac system. The latest version of MacBooster 4 owns the following characteristics. They are -

  • Provide full and real time protection from unknown threats.
  • Facilitates deep system cleaning to free up space.
  • Excellent performance boost up of the Mac system.
  • Many other useful tools and services to keep Mac system in good shape.


Benefits Of Using MacBooster 4

  • The software helps you reclaiming more disk space by deleting gigabytes of unwanted files on your Mac OS.
  • The software constitute of useful tools and services for better performance of the Mac.
  • With its sleek and intuitive user interface, the program is incredibly easy to use.

Meanwhile, you don't have to be afraid of using MacBooster 4  as it is considered safe and sound for your Mac OS. The software is tested and does not contain any malicious program which can harm your computer. Of course, it is a legitimate software, designed and developed by an organization called IObit. However, if you download MacBooster 4  from an unofficial site possibly that there could be some issues with it. So you must download the software from its official website.

Salient Features Of MacBooster 4

MacBooster 4 consititutes following features hoping to add values to its “all-in-one” concept.

Real Time Protection

All the operating system including Mac system are attacked by various types of virus, malware and computer threat when the system is connected with internet. Real time protection feature provides all time protection and ensures that you have safe internet environment. You suffer no worries, phishing scams, system attacks, privacy disclosure and other security related issue. Also protects from ransomware attacks.

Privacy Clean-up

You can clean up all your unwanted history data with the help of Privacy Clean. MacBooster 4 allows you to just make a single click and erase cache, cookies, browsing history (also downloading) , HTML5 local storage from explorer. Moreover, this utility can erase system preferences, recent items and application traces to make sure that your personal and important data will never be exposed to third party.

Extensions Manager

Unwanted extensions of third party on your Mac system will drag the Mac to a slow exploring speed. Also, some extensions are unsafe for your system, they may intend to steal important information. These malicious extensions may cause pop-up thus, MacBooster 4 can remove it completely from your system. These extensions some times expose your private files to public domain & can also steal your personal banking details & upload to its phishing servers.

View System Status

MacBooster 4 displays a brief but accurate analysis of system status regarding Malware removal, System Clean up and Performance boost. With just one click, you can start Scanning of your system and the software will show you issues found that have been on the system. You can solve any other issues of the system by clicking “Fix” to reclaim more hard disk space. Software also shows the list of junk files, folders & duplicate files.

Boost Your Mac Performance

Performance boost helps you in cleaning the Mac system thoroughly to maximize the performance as well as output of the system. Performance boost is necessary for a healthy running of the computer system. The feature includes three sub-category – Application optimization, RAM optimization and Disk permission fix.

Performance Boost

MacBooster – Advance Features

Some of the advance features are listed here which takes the Macbooster 4 leap ahead from their competitors.

System Cleanup

Hard drive of Mac system can be easily taken up by number of unwanted programs and files which is required to be cleaned up. With system cleanup of MacBooster 4, you can clean up spaces that are acquired by these unwanted files so that you can put content more new important content on your Mac system.

Scan for Malware

With the help of this feature, all different types of viruses and threats can be removed to prevent Mac system from any kind of malicious attack. Interestingly, users are allowed to upload detected suspicious files and send it to IObit team for deep analysis. Software provides real-time malware protection.

Start up Optimization

MacBooster 4 displays items which is automatically launched when your Mac boots up. But, you can choose to disable them when you don't want to speed up the startup process of your Mac system. It allows you to add favorite apps to startup list also. Boosting up Mac's startup will enhance system for fast booting.

Uninstaller for Mac

Uninstaller is another beneficial service provided by this software which shows all the programs you have installed on your system and allows you to remove them when there is no need. Further, it allows you to uninstall multiple application all at a time thus saving your time. You can re-install them whenever you want.

Deleted Unwanted Files

Remove duplicate files, large size files, remove files permanently & delete personal photos for ever on mac.

Delete Files Permanently

More Advance & Technical Features

The features mentioned in the software makes it one piece software enabling its users to easily operate the Mac system without any trouble and is more than a system enhancement tool that monitors OS in real time to keep it safe from attack of harmful code.

Duplicate Finder

With this feature, it is very easy to locate duplicate files stored on the system and remove them permanently. Features like smart check and smart clean saves your precious time from identifying the number of duplicate files present on Mac system that can be deleted to free occupied space.

Large Files Cleaner

Software enables you to locate, view and delete files, folders, documents and applications which are large in size and tends to take up large disk space. Moreover, you can sort out those files based on file size, name, kind or last updated date. This feature makes your cleaning job way too easier.

File Eraser For Ever

File eraser permanently erases files in a drag and drop manner which in turn, make it irreversible. The recovery is even beyond the professional recovery tool. Deleting files permanently helps you maintain your personal and business information confidential. Deleted data is unrecoverable.

Similar Photo Sweeper

Software is specialized in finding similar or copied pictures which can be removed and does not cause loss of important photos. The deletion free the spaces occupied by useless image files. Also, this feature facilitates you to compare the photos before they can be removed.

Satisfied Customers

Being a novice user, it is very difficult to handle an operating system especially a Mac operating system which is little different from Windows OS. While operating my macOS, I was unable to locate someof its features which I needed to use. Therefore, someone suggested me for MacBooster 4 software which is designed for Mac OS to enable new user to handle it easily. And believe me, I wan not disappointed. Now operating Mac OS is quite easy for me.

Michael Lockworth

This software is truly helpful and unbiased as it has put all the important features into a single program making it very convenient to use a Mac operating system even if you are a new user. Also, it enhances the security of Mac system which prevents my computer from any type of malicious attack. I am very glad to have this software installed on my system because with MacBooster 4, I had easily learned to operate Mac OS in just few days.

Kern Erdos

Award Winning Mac Utility Software

MacBooster 4 is such a useful software which is very easy to use and provides detailed glimpse of almost every functionality used to operate a Mac system. So whatever you do on your macOS whether you listen to music, edit videos and photos, online games or work, the software will enhance the performance of the Mac OS giving its more power, more speed and security which maintains healthy environment of the system.

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